Incorrect address:

If you enter an incorrect address, and do not contact us about it in time for delivery- your order cannot be refunded nor can another one be sent out for free. This is because the error is yours and we are not liable for incorrectly filled address labels (the address is copied and pasted exactly as you have entered it on the website).

If you manage to contact us before your parcel is sent off, then we can fix it for you. We will not know if the address you have entered is correct or not, if it appears to be a full and complete address- so we are not liable if your parcel gets sent to the wrong place due to you incorrectly filling in your address.

Incomplete address:

If your address appears to be incomplete, then we will contact you about it before sending it off. If you do not reply within a week, then your order will be cancelled and you will have to reorder and correctly enter your address.

It is your responsibility to ensure the address you entered is correct and complete. We do check most addresses and follow up on any that don't look right- however, we will not always pick up on an incomplete address (particularly if you are outside the UK, as we are not familiar with international addresses/ zip codes). 

If a parcel gets sent back to us due to the address being wrong or incomplete, you will have to pay an extra fee for it to be reposted. We will contact you if your parcel has been returned, and will issue the appropriate shipping fee depending on where you live.